91st Entry RAF Locking Apprentices



June 18th update ; upcomming event at Locking on July 18th 2018

This is the RAF Locking Apprentices Monument which one of our entry member Rick Atkinson was heavily involved in bringing to fruition.

Ian Davis is hoping to attend the Dedication of this RAF Locking Apprentices Association Memorial at Locking on July 18th. Ian sent me the following information. Please read below for the planned programme times etc.

Note from RAFLAA reads:-

The RAF Locking Monument which has now been installed on the site of the Gate Guardian of former Royal Air Force Locking. Your Association has organised the 18th July 2018 for the event which is a formal ceremony for the dedication and unveiling of the RAF Locking Monument (located across the road from the Radio Wing). The Radio Wing is now a Community Centre and is the former Chapel as we knew it.
The current order of events is as below:

13.00 - 13.30 setting up;
13.00 - 14.00 guests arrive, Tea & biscuits;
14.00 -14.30 Dedication;
14.30 - 15.30 sandwich buffet
15.30 - 1600 clear up and depart.

It is not necessary to notify us of your intention to attend however, should you decide to do so then it would go some way to alerting us to potential numbers.


March 2018 Tony King has now left Prayssac, France after 20 years and has settled in Rye, East Sussex.

Entry Photos update 18th October 2017

Two photos added to the entry main photo album courtesy of R Lambert. Plus two photos of the entry wooden floor block at the Woodspring Museum in
Weston -S- Mare.

Update on get-together at Peterborough on Friday 21st April 2017

Mike Sent the following email to members that we currently have email addresses for :-

Hi all,

I thought I'd update the group on the Friday get together some of the Entry attended at the start of the Locking Apprentices Association (LAA) AGM weekend in Peterborough.

After an afternoon spent reminiscing over beer and/or tea in the afternoon 19 of us (11 chaps & 8 other halves) enjoyed dinner together in the Marriott Hotel where the majority were staying. Sadly Bing & Mim were unable to join us after Bing went down with a virus which he said left him too weak to even lift a glass! After dinner the reminiscing then went on much later into the night and the Marriott Bar takings received a boost!

Those who aren't members of the LAA departed on Saturday and 7 of us - plus partners - stayed for the Saturday AGM & Dinner dance. The AGM was the usual somewhat protracted Mess Meeting style event but a couple of interesting points have come out.

The AGM next year is planned to be held there again. I don't yet have the exact date but similar to this year towards the end of April. It transpired that the Bircham Newton Admin Apps also use the Marriotts for their re-unions but have negotiated a 35% discount on costs! The Committee are making a similar approach & hope to obtain a similar reduction - better than the 10% we enjoyed this year.

So make an early note for next April as we shall try and repeat a similar event. Unfortunately the discount is only available to LAA members attending so perhaps a few more may consider joining. It's only 15 and can be done via www.raflaa.org.uk - I think the 91st membership of the LAA currently stands at 9 or 10 - including the President & 2 Committee members (sorry only Rick now as Nigel stood down at the end of his tenure).

I appreciate that several of us live further away from Peterborough than from Weston but I have no say in the choice of location as it was done by the LAA Committee - ostensibly to make it more central to the whole of UK especially as Weston apparently has lost a lot of its attraction!

I'm certain that if any of you living South of London want to try and arrange a get together closer to you then I'm also certain that several of us within reasonable striking distance would make efforts to attend. Gilly & Martin very kindly hosted two BBQs at home near Bristol which had good attendance. However they have more than done their bit so perhaps someone else can try?

Looking forward to hearing from you. If you manage to locate any other of the lads then we'd be delighted to get in touch.



Not a bad turnout for the Friday evening get together. Dave Crookes attended the AGM but couldn't make the 91st get together on the Friday. People starred attended both events the 91st get together and the LAA AGM on the Saturday.

1Allen (Taff) Jones
2Eithwen Moreland
3Ian Moreland
4Nigel Lodge*
Joy Hill*
Mike Hill*
7Rosemary Barker*
8Peter Elliott*
9Jeanette Tucker
10Tom Tucker
11Gillie Palmer*
12Martin Palmer*
13Margaret Donovan
14Don Donovan
15Sheila Waddington
16Jacky Atkinson*
17Rick Atkinson*
18Mim Crosby
19Bing Crosby
20Lesley Burns*
21Robbie Burns*

20th January 2017

Mike Hill is planning on a get-together at Peterborough on Friday 21st April. See event page.

08th December 2016

Mike Hill posted the following on the 91st Entry Facebook site. As not many of you are on facebook I repost his message and pass on my Seasonal Greetings to you all. Charlie Tyler

Good grief, Guys! Christmas 2016 and most of us still of fairly sound mind but slowly weakening bodies. I was 75 this year and still have great memories of our times together at Locking.
Please all stay in touch and maybe we can organise some sort of get together next year if we can find a suitable, central venue.
Anyway, merry Christmas to all and a Happy & Healthy 2017.