91st Entry RAF Locking Apprentices

Events Notice and Information

02 February 2018
Get-together at Peterborough on Friday 20th April being considered by Mike Hill. The message from Mike applies for this year the same as last year except the date is 20th April. Contact the webmaster if you are interested or need to get in touch with Mike.

20th January 2017
Get-together at Peterborough on Friday 21st April being considered by Mike Hill. Please see below. Contact the webmaster if you are interested or need to get in touch with Mike.

I’ve had several notes from people suggesting we try another informal get-together this year and I’ve been prompted by Pete Elliott to suggest something.
I know that many of you haven’t joined the Locking Apps Association, and I’ve no issues with that – however this year the AGM & PU is not being held near Weston but more centrally in Peterborough. I believe this is due to attempting to reduce travel distances for the ageing membership.
The thought is that we could hold some sort of gathering on the Friday afternoon/evening of the LAA meeting on the 21st April. We are already quite well represented in the LAA with the President being Martin Palmer plus two Committee Members, Rick Atkinson & Nigel Lodge, and Pete Elliott, Charlie Tyler, Ian Davis & myself usually try & attend the meetings as well.
As Peterborough is central it’s hopefully easier access for our many ex-91st in the Lincoln & Norfolk areas – so I’m trying to gauge how much interest there is before attempting any other planning. Note that I’m not suggesting a mass joining of the LAA – although I suspect the Membership Sec would welcome anyone so inclined!
Cheers for now,


As promised Mike Ambler has taken photographs of our entry "block" which will eventually become part of the wood block flooring in the refurbished Weston Super Mare museum.

Visit the Gallery to view the other pictures

Hopefully during December 2014, Mike Ambler who lives in Weston-S-Mare will be able to take some photos of our "block".
I will then post them on this site to allow you to see what has been purchased on our behalf by Mike Hill.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2015.

Charlie Tyler