91st Entry RAF Locking Apprentices

Events Notice and Information

Celebration planned for Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd May.
It's 60 years ago we signed that dotted line and I think it's worth celebrating.

Mike Hill has been doing some research for a central area from people’s known locations and thanks to Pete Jackson's geographic exercise, the region of Weston on the Green/Bicester is the most central.
The venue will be the Holt Hotel, Oxford Rd, Bicester. OX25 5QQ. (see website https://www.holthotel.co.uk )
The main date is Wednesday 22nd May when there will be an evening dinner - but not overly formal.

The Holt Hotel stay is all set up and we have a group booking of up to 20 rooms which will be held until 14 April.
Please could you individually contact the hotel on 01869 340259 - Reception - and reserve your room against Reference "91st Entry".
They will take your details (Name, address, email, card no etc) but will not make any charges - no deposit!

B&B for a double room for the Wednesday only would be 85 for two people. Or if you have any distance to travel and wish to arrive at the hotel on Tues 21st and thus stay the 2 nights - this would cost 150, a slight reduction against the one night costs. Obviously if you live locally you can just come for the dinner.
If you have not already been in contact with Mike Hill please let him know if you are interested. If you require Mike’s email please contact the WEB master of this site who will pass your email details to Mike.