91st Entry RAF Locking Apprentices

About 91st Entry RAF Locking Apprentices

On 21st January 1959, 136 bright-faced young men 'signed on' at the start of their 3-year apprenticeship. They came from all backgrounds and all regions of Great Britain, Northern Ireland along with young boys from Southern Rhodesia and Malaysia. All embarked on an intensive technical training course that turned them into qualified 'fitters'.

Inevitably there were some losses and on 19th December 1961 the remaining 110 boys graduated on a cold and frosty morning. To celebrate, the newly qualified technicians held a Graduation Dinner Dance at the Winter Gardens in Weston Super Mare.

Since then, all have now finished their RAF careers, many leaving at the end of 22 year's service but some staying on until age 55 and several were commissioned. Sadly, some have died on the way, but they are not forgotten.

Although RAF Locking no longer exists, members of the 91st continues to maintain its bonds of friendship and over the years have met at the RAF Locking Apprentices AGM, which is held annually in April.

This site is also available at http://www.91stentryraflocking.co.uk