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14th September 2020, 14:30 hours: Individual Details page updated.

60th. Anniversary Graduation Get Together June 2021

Mike Hill is organising a get-together in June 2021 to celebrate our 60th Anniversary of our graduation from Locking. June was picked as it's a better time of year for travel etc.

Similar to our last gathering a central location was needed and the Holt Hotel was very good last time so it will be used again in 2021. current preferred date are Tues/Weds 22/23 June 2021. It does give us a long evening of daylight - and mid week keeps us free from most wedding receptions etc.

Projected costs are 250 per double room and 215 per single. This covers 2 nights B&B and a group 3 course dinner on Wednesday evening. B&B only on the Tuesday means you can make your own arrangements - the restaurant is open, bar food is available, or you can eat en route etc. With the possible numbers involved a pre-selected menu will be necessary to enable the kitchen to prepare & deliver. Look on their web site to see the sort of menus they provide, https://www.holthotel.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR1dP3oc4HuivR3l1xOP4ya-TCIgGiiwGhu58KTWzH6siPo2xRv2Cqu2nVk

Please let Mike know if you would like to attend or make your apologies. The Holt needs a firm commitment by the end of September 2020 so please put thinking caps on.

Mike one of the older members of the Entry says I shall be 80 in Sept '21 so this will be the last of our little get-togethers I intend to arrange - so it would be great to see as many as possible before we all reach our dotage!!! It's also a great time of year for all you ex-pats to arrange a trip back to Blighty!

Mike is looking forward to hearing from you all, apologies as well as positive, please, plus any comments.

Mike's email address etc. is available on the Entry WEB site by selecting the Individual Details page.

Come on guys let's make this "probably" our last major reunion one to remember with a great turnout.